Self-Funded Payers

Guardian Managed Care provides a comprehensive service offering to self-funded payers such as employer funded plans, student programs, unaffiliated plans and the uninsured.

Our vast experience with US healthcare costs and billing practices alongside the use of technology allow us to ascertain the real cost of treatment and create a customized solution to each individual medical provider ensuring the optimal saving is recognised on every claim. Our team of in-house experts can assist both before or after a claim is incurred depending on the requirements of the payer. 

Our service offering includes access to:

  • Large national PPO networks
  • Regional PPO networks
  • In house negotiation experts
  • Leading industry negotiations consultants
  • Hospital bill review by medical professionals
  • Out of network bill review
  • Referenced based payments

Interested in learning more? Contact us today to speak with a member of our Guardian team.